Deeply steeped in the study and research of metaphysics and esoteric philosophy for over 37 years, Wilma Carroll has been a long time, enthusiastic promoter of New Age thinking. Impassioned with the belief that everyone can benefit and enrich their daily lives with the practical applications of spiritual principles, she is dedicated to bringing universal awareness and understanding to this special knowledge.

Wilma was born with an affinity to the supernatural; and, true to the pattern, her psychic experiences began at a very early age. While majoring in philosophy, religion, and foreign languages at Temple University in Philadelphia, she was exposed to parapsychology and Eastern mysticism and studied Zen meditation under the tutelage of a Tibetan monk. Inspired by the promise of finding answers to the mysteries of the universe, she began delving into consciousness expanding pursuits. Her spiritual quest took her across the United States to California, where she spent three years immersed in the studies of yoga, meditation, and the psychic sciences (the Tarot, palmistry, numerology, and astrology).

Restless for adventure and in search of the miraculous, Wilma embarked on a year long journey through Europe, the Middle East, India, and Katmandu. In India, she sought out spiritual teachers and learned more about palmistry and meditation.

Several sojourns in England connected her with many guiding lights in the New Age movement. She met with a Sufi, sensitives, occult writers, psychic healers, wiccans, and exorcists, frequented The College of Psychic Studies and The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, inhabited Watkins Book Shop (the world famous esoteric book store), and explored numerous aspects of the metaphysical realm and the unseen world with a focus on theosophy, astral projection, occult theory, Kahuna concepts, and ritual magick.

Following her lengthy travels, Wilma lived in Madrid, Spain for three years. She studied at the University of Madrid and researched two of Spain's famous miracle sites.

Her investigations into subjects relating to the secret tradition have also included: the Cabala, pyramid energy, reincarnation, feng shui, Silva Mind Control, and fourth way teachings.

Currently, Wilma resides in New York City. She is an intuitive consultant with an established practice that includes a large international and high profile clientele. She writes, lectures, and teaches on New Age subjects, while juggling the demands of an exclusive party entertainment business.

Recently, Wilma has been absorbed in observing the transition of the New Millennium, fourth dimensional shift in consciousness. Although presently a stressful time in our evolution, Wilma believes this will usher in a time of universal peace and harmony. Materialism will be bridged with spirituality; and, the world will experience a higher technological standard of living along with a heightened cosmic awareness that will ultimately heal the earth.